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11416477_10153735480316992_341133677_oThis is Guido Dantonia and I am the founder of DigitalEconomy.

When I started this online business I had one goal in mind:

“I wanted to prove to myself that it is possible to make profit using a computer and doing it from the comfort of my home.”

Another thing that really made me passionate about it was the idea that 2.5 billion people use internet worlwide and around 1.7 billion use it every day looking for information and to buy any sort of product. And the projection of these numbers can only grow in the future to come.

Being a sales driven person since I was a teenager, this literally blew my mind. Now, if you think about it for a  moment these numbers just mean there is a legion of people just ready to buy pretty much anything at anytime, any day.

Wow…this is just amazing!

But the problem is what am I going to sell? Which products are most likely being purchased online?

I had no idea how to find it out… 🙁

Let’s make one step behind.

I come from a different background and I am an engineer. I have worked for the last 10 years all over the world but mainly in the Middle East. Oil&Gas, Energy and Environment has been my daily bread since I have started my career as a petroleum engineer.

So basically, I knew nothing about internet marketing. 🙁 🙁

But I had a dream since I graduated from University: I have always wondered how could be possible to to sell anything online, or better, being able to make a living online.

I have tried several things. Many things. And as you can easily imagine, I have been overwhelmed by people that pushed me to buy stuff that eventually turned to be useless. So basically: I GOT SCAMMED.

I have been scammed, many times over… and this got me frustrated, many times over. 🙁 🙁 🙁

But I did not give up. 🙂

I took it seriously and I treated it like if it was a real business. I decided the time was come to find THE RIGHT HELP that could guide me step by step to overcome the million problems my “just-started-business” was facing (it was already set to collapse…).

Eventually I could find THE SOLUTION that set me up for success…and I took MASSIVE ACTION.

I felt better immediately and this is what happened:

  • I LOST the fear of making mistakes
  • I now had a CLEAR path to follow
  • I knew THIS TIME I was set to success FOR REAL
  • I knew I could do it
  • I DID IT… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Since that day I have decided I wanted to offer the same opportunity to as many people as possible.

Internet is extremely powerful and if you use it the right way, can give you amazing results even beyond your imagination.

“Be ready to LEARN a lot, be PASSIONATE about it and WORK HARD.                Success cannot be far. Treat it like what it is, a business…           You will celebrate YOUR SUCCESS before too long.”


Let me help you to shape your business and set you up for the success you deserve…

Are you truly committed to be successful online?!?


Your friend in success,

Guido Dantonia

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I long to learn more from internet though am not an expert in this. Somebody told me to be cautious with the online money for there are no laws laid to clam your benefits. The present laws are meant for citizens of USA and Europe but Africans can’t claim the payment for there are no laws to govern. I desire to participate but how?
    Also the subscriptions are through credit cards which are problems in Africa.
    How do we do it?

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      I hear you when you talk about being sceptic about online advertising. Same as per my answer to Mourice above, I believe that the most important thing is to embrace only one thing at the time. Choose a trusted affiliate program and stay stick to it. You have only to benefit from it since you will have a lot of training material to study and you can learn how to start your own online business by a number of examples and guidelines. Also affiliate programs are very good for support: you will find a community there ready to help you out.
      If credit card is a problem in the country you live this might be a problem. 99% of all transactions online are made through credit card or via credit card. My suggestion is to contact the support of the affiliate program and then explain your concerns in case you have to utilise the credit card for any payment. I am sure you will find somebody from the other end with an answer for you.

  2. This a good idea for there is business when we maximize the use of net with 1.7billion people. We have serious of paying for the program we live on something like $40 a month which you struggle to get. How can we do it to grow.
    I’ve participated in several online work but have never earned anything for you earn up to $200 but no way to claim it.
    How can I change this?
    One day I thought that if can subscribe and earn. If anything can be send to me why can I be subscribed by my friends then share the benefits for am not there to monitor and you can detract you subscription there or I pay when I see the power behind it.

    1. Mourice thanks for your comment.
      First of all I concur with you that it is very difficult to find something online that you can trust from day one. After you have found something that is trusted in the market and that shows results then i suggest you to enrol and try it yourself.
      Most of the newbies fail because they jump from program to program, product to product without really spending enough time to understand how the product works. You will always find another shining star in the internet jungle. regarding the possibility to not be able to claim your earning that is another problem tied to the goodness of your program/product. Normally if a product has history of having been sold and utilised, you won’t have big issues to have your commissions paid in time and safely.This is what I would do if I had to restart from scratch:
      1. try a trusted affiliate program (you can find a very trusted one in this website) and enrol
      2. they have normally a good amount of training, so you can take advantage of this and learn how to make it work
      3. they have a very good support in case you need any help or feel stuck in the process

      In my opinion having a step by step program to guide you is key at the beginning. Be focused on each step and take action immediately. It won’t be too long before you can start seeing results. All the best.

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