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Money in the Sky

Money in the Sky

One of the reasons why I still have my current job as an engineer is the fact that I can travel the world.

With no doubt I can say that the dynamic component of this job is the main responsible for keeping me still hungry to learn and do…

Last May I was at the airport in Bahrain ready to go back home (Torino, Italy) because my wife was expecting to deliver my son Pietro in a matter of days.

I was all excited (like always when it’s time to go back home), but this time it was different: I couldn’t really wait to see my family and make sure to be there in time to know the coming little creature.

I was excited but not anxious, also because the doctor said the delivery was going to happen in two days so still enough time to go back home, relax for one day and get ready for the big event. Very nice I thought…

I called my wife from the gate waiting the boarding to open. She was all right, feeling ok and with no signs that the delivery could happen before by any means…(cool, I thought again). I kissed her goodnight from my phone and chilled out in the airport waiting to board the fly.

I felt very well, I mean I was in that perfect mood that allows you to make anything easy. Difficult to explain though.

Just few minutes before boarding I texted my online business coach just to say hi, and by luck, I got him online available (which is technically a miracle!)…


COACH: Whatsup? How are you? Going home?

ME: Yeah, just ready boss! Can’t wait! What you doin?

COACH: Just finished a campaign with a student. Massive.

ME: Wow, great.

COACH: Hey, why didn’t we launch THAT campaign eventually? Can’t recall…

ME: Yeah, I know, busy, the trip, home/baby, many things…but I did what you told me to do anyway…as a matter of facts I’m ready.

COACH: Sure? You have the landing page ready?

ME: Yesss

COACH: You mean the COOL one? …That one?!?

ME: Sure boss.

COACH: Just send me the link and have a safe flight…


I sent him the link and precisely 2 minutes later I was boarding the fly to go home.

The flight is late at night, so I usually get a nice seat and have a power nap right till destination.

Every time I land in Frankfurt the first thing I do is to run to the business lounge because a crazy abundant breakfast is there waiting for me…

I ordered my usual croissant while sipping a smoking tasty espresso.

Damn! The campaign…

I totally forgot!!!

I just got my phone and logged into my account as fast as I could…


While I was sleeping…

While I was totally unaware miles high in the sky…

I texted my boss. Immediately. I sent him screen shots with the bunch of money I made and funny faces of me jumping around in the Lufthansa lounge.

The fact that when I arrived home my wife was already in the clinic ready to deliver is another story.

The fact that I reached the clinic literally flying on a taxi that never made a stop along the way is another story too.

The fact that my son was born 4 minutes (and I mean 4 minutes) after I entered the clinic room is even a completely different story indeed…

I was father twice. Thanks God. And everything else skipped to a different level of importance of course.

Irene holds Pietro

But when I had some time to think clearly what happened to me just the night before, I realized I eventually reached “the next level” with my online business.

I was making money online.

Big money…and in a systematic way.

I was making money while sleeping.

I was making money being at 10,000 feet high in the sky.

I was making thousands of dollar part time that not everybody does even full time.

I was making all that because one day I decided to think different and started doing things that others don’t do.

Because I want different results and different life style for myself and my family.

And you, what do you want for YOUR life?

Do you want to make money online but never got anywhere so far?

If making money online is what you want then hit the link below…


You will be celebrating your success before too long.

Your friend in success,


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