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Build My List 2.0

Product Name: Build My List 2.0

Product Creator: Jimmy Kim


Price: $49 for the main product and 1 upsell of $98 and 1 upsell of $97 each for additional targeted training

Review Date: November, 2015!


Review By: Guido Dantonia

Same as his friend and partner Anik Singal, also Jimmy Kim comes back with a new version of the earlier released “Build My List”. This new product is another milestone for any internet marketer that needs to start his/her business and has never made a dime online.

Build My List falls into the group of those products/programs that helps anybody to make money online: the reason why it steps out from the crowd is mainly because its simple structure and its fast learning modules allow the student to immediately take action and try each tips and tricks.

I am one of Jimmy’s students since he released the former version BML 1.0 and I can say that this new version is just not a copy and paste o the previous. You will find a lot of new content, new videos and more training material than the old version.

Here are the modules that you can find in the main version:

  1. Home Page with Intro video
  2. Section 1: List Building
  3. Section 2: Send Lane
  4. Section 3: Offers Section
  5. Section 4: Business Wizard
  6. Section 5: Traffic

The product is developed into 5 sections. After a video introduction from Jimmy you will be introduced to Section 1 completely centered in list building.  This section is composed by 9 videos and in particular you will learn:

  • What is an email list & What is list building
  • The importance of list building
  • What do you need to build your list
  • Your 1 page website
  • Automated series
  • Money Marketing vs. Relationship Marketing
  • Landing page strategies
  • The Thank You page
  • Understanding the stats

Section 2 is centered to introduce and explain in details the importance of the autoresponder. Sendlane is the autoresponder that comes with the course and you will be able to enjoy a 90 days FREE trial that is more than enough to give you time to start your business and become profitable. In particular Sendlane incorporates the function of the autoresponder and also the landing page creator. These two unique features set Sendlane apart from competition and allow anybody to start managing his own list effectively and immediately. Needless to say you will be guided hand in hand to use Sendlane thanks to 7 video tutorials.

Section 3 is developed to show you, with 5 easy video tutorials, how you can find a niche of interest, select a product to promote to your audience and also learn how to customize your product package.

Section 4 is centered to show you the step by step process how to create your 1 page website from scratch. After this section you will have your website ready to earn you your first commission.

Section 5 is centered is traffic creation. You will be given detailed information how you can find traffic for free, paid traffic and even advertise your website page as fast as the same day you have created. This section is very intense and full of information. Nothing is left aside because the main goal is to set you up and running to make money from your new online business.

  • BONUS Training: You will be given 4 additional modules that allow you to:
  • Have your business reviewed by a coach before it goes live
  • Connect with the FB community in BML 2.0 closed group
  • Get a coach to help you out setting up the business
  • The $25,000 case study ==> among all the bonuses this one is the one that I prefer the most. This is precisely the way that you can follow to scale up your business from zero to $25,000 per month building your list. I have seen this video in the previous version and it is definitely very useful and inspiring as well. Great content.


With the first upsell ($97.00) you will get access to the following extra tools and advantages:

  1. Get 100% commission on promoting BML 2.0 to your list with up to $243 per sale
  2. BML brandable book
  3. More than 30 funnels completed by Jimmy and his team ready for you
  4. Headline creation software: this is worth $97 alone and can be the turning point for you to have massive open rates when sending emails out to your list
  5. More advanced training


With the first upsell ($97.00) you will get access to the following extra tools and advantages:

  1. VIP support help
  2. 10 weeks of personalized training
  3. Jimmy will personally look at you business for a review
  4. Lifetime access to Urgency Timer ==> really cool tool that can help in converting your email more and more
  5. Opportunity to access discounted prices on super targeted traffic from Clickonomy and My traffic Source

What I like
• This product is PERFECT if you like to follow the blueprint
• Fast support when help is needed
• The software given in the upsell are very very useful
• Simple and fast to learn from. You can immediately start working on your first website and get ready to go live to promote your product
• I have tried the 10 weeks of personalized training and this is the true value in my opinion. You can swipe away any doubt speaking with Jimmy and the BML community asking for help. Jimmy never leaves space for doubts. Great one.

What I don’t like
• I think the ebook is very well done therefore more information could be given there as well just to warm up more the potential customers
• The BML community is very active. You will find a lot of students that literally dives into it and you might feel overwhelmed or left behind checking other people progresses. Do not be in a rush, stay at your pace and you will have all the needed support to succeed. Anybody has his/her own speed of learning and this course has everything you need.

Not only I think that Build My List is a legitimate product but also it has my highest recommendation. 

PLUS this product fills a huge gap in the market. The “one on one” training that you have access to makes the difference and set this product aside in the Olympus of the greatest products of 2015.

Where To Buy Build My List 2.0?

You can purchase Build My List just by clicking the following link:


And for who decides to purchase NOW I will deliver to your e-mail a Massive Bonus Package.

Join in and you will receive immediate access to an EXTRA BONUS (actually 10 IN TOTAL!) as my gift to you for having taken action.
See here below what my EXTRA BONUS includes:

BONUS #1Personal Coaching with ME ($997.00 Value): This bonus includes the review of your full campaign after it has been set up. A Skype call will be conducted and I will make sure that your entire funnel works and it is ready to succeed online.

BONUS #2Private Access To Money Making Traffic Source ($1999.00 Value): After your product passes the revision process successfully, it can be sent to super targeted traffic using a secret traffic source utilized by 7 figures earners in this business.

BONUS #3 –Swipe File Chamber ($2,500.00 Value):

SFC_BundleYes, that is $2,500 bucks worth of information. This is the Bible of the internet marketer who needs to kick off his business. You will find extremely valuable information that will teach you how to become a master in Copywriting. This is one of the most important key to success in online marketing. This Guide will show you what to write to get people to read your copy using strategies that hook them to your words.

You will master the art of writing headlines, sub-headlines, hypnotic openers, high converting bullet points, persuasive guarantees, bonuses…and the list goes on and on. This is a no MISS is you are serious about your online success.

BONUS #4 – 90 Newsletter Power Emails ($47.00 Value)This incredible e-book is the source of 90 email templates divided into 3 main groups: Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and traffic. You will find 30 email already done and super-targeted for each topic. This source of information is just great and will ease your job to find powerful and effective emails to write to send as newsletters.

BONUS #5 – Affiliate Marketers Blueprint – Video Series ($197.00 Value):


These 4 videos have been the fortune of my business and here you will be able to learn a lot of secret tips on Affiliate Marketing. In particular:

  • No List = No Money! You will be shown the best way to create a squeeze page so you can build a list of people to send all your affiliate offers to. You’ll be able to send an email and make money!
  • You will be revealed the “content blitz” method where you can learn how to get your affiliate links plastered all over the Internet. This is like using a HUGE fishing net to pull in loads of fish. Now you can throw out your “affiliate marketing net” and pull in a ton of commissions!
  • How to use nothing but PLR to create affiliate marketing blogs that rakes in affiliate commission after affiliate commission. A blog is the #1 way to get tons of traffic that clicks on your links and buys!
  • Learn the super secret system for using videos you have PLR to rake in affiliate commissions whenever you want. Video marketing is one of the hottest ways to make money online, and now with PLR videos you can use it just like the pros do!

BONUS #6 – 16 Most Successful List Building Methods ($37.00 Value):

cover-2a-transSince the internet was created, marketing began. There have been literally hundreds of different variations, and methods that marketers have used to build themselves a highly profitable email list of quality customers.

Learn which are the 16 methods that have rules the world of Internet Marketing to make money the easy way. The book includes a deep analysis about:

  • Public and Private JV Giveaways
  • Solo Ads and Ad Swaps
  • Your Own Affiliate Program
  • Exit Popups
  • Much more…

BONUS #7 – BadAss Headlines Ultimate ($37.00 Value): Magically captivate your visitors and legally force them to buy your stuff using 1 simple thing…Immediately blow up your sales conversions & turn your websites into magnetic sales machines using eyeball-smacking graphical headlines templates.

BONUS #8 – Copywriting Success Secrets ($97.00 Value):

Copywriting-Success-Secrets-250Copywriting Success Secrets includes 20 effective tactics to make your emails become money-making machines. Such as:

  • How to Become a Better Writer
  • Are You the Best Copywriter You Can Be?
  • 5 Steps to a Top Notch Article
  • Good Writers Don’t Infringe on Copyrights
  • Do You Know How to Write Good Marketing Copy
  • Be a Good Copywriter and Create Effective Copy
  • 10 Copywriter Tips That Work
  • How Much Should I Charge for Copywriter Work
    • And much more…

BONUS #9 – Extreme Email Marketing ($47.00 Value):

ecoverThis powerful ebook will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and achieve your goal of becoming a successful marketer. With this product you will learn:

  • Email Marketing Basics For Net work Marketing 
  • Getting Subscribers
  • Reducing Unsubscribes 
  • Using Transactional Emails
  • Using Triggers In The Email
  • And so much more!

BONUS #10 – List Building Madness ($47.00 Value): Building a list can take forever if you don’t know the strategies and tactics that can draw in a large amount of subscribers over a short period of time. With List Building Madness, you will discover how to both build and manage your opt-in subscriber List. Plus it will provide you with the following crucial information to help you in your success:

  • Tools you need to get started building your list
  • Techniques for designing an effective squeeze page
  • Designing multiple squeeze pages and using split testing methods
  • How to Coordinate an email broadcasting schedule
  • Determining the most successful email subject lines
  • Preparing email content that produces results
  • Measuring the email open rate and the total clicks on specific links
  • Launching your list building campaign with a powerful impact
  • A large variety of effective marketing and advertising venues
  • And much, much more …


  1. Sign Up for Build My List 2.0 Here: BUILD MY LIST 2.0
  2. You will receive your BONUS automatically via JVZOO!

I’ll see you soon!


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