Committed Like No Tomorrow (my pain is your gain)

My Pain Is Your Gain...

My Pain Is Your Gain…

The road to success is never straight.

I learnt this very well and I can tell this by experience. Despite which is your ultimate goal to reach, there is always a price to pay to get there.

The price could be sacrifice your free time, do something that you don’t like, work more or till late and the list goes on and on…

Every time I think about paying the price to achieve my goals I cannot forget that some of my tickets to success have been quite expensive.

One of the most incredible achievements of mine, that I have been even asked to tell many times over, is how I could pass 18 exams in just 9 months to get my master degree in petroleum engineering.

To cut it short I will not list all the reasons why it is technically impossible to do so, instead, I will tell you some of the things I did to make it happen despite if for everybody was impossible…

I made a killer plan that included only two things:

  1. Studying like there was no tomorrow, 24/7 for 9 months
  2. Do WHATEVER was needed to be done to make it happen

While the first one is very obvious (and boring), is with the second one that I got sometimes creative and sometimes even extreme…such as:

  • I convinced every single professor to let me give the exams despite the fact that I was not attending any of the courses…(hard to get but I have some negotiation skills!)
  • I gave one exam in the middle of a corridor almost at night with the professor next to me not to stay behind in my plan
  • I did one exam in my car – the professor had his car broken so I went to pick him up and we did it during the trip…
  • While in Paris for a training course I kept studying at night for my exams 🙁 while everybody else was out to visit the city (resulting in a 39 fever by stress but a 28/30 on the exam! 🙂)…

Ah, I forgot to tell that in that period I was working part time in a call center to make the ends meet

Also I went one month in Congo for summer training with a service company of the Oil&Gas industry…

I was very determined. I wanted it so badly. I needed that degree so much to get my dream job. But above all, I did not have time to wait 2 years to take a degree! So…

I did it my way!

I did it because I was committed. I did it because I knew precisely what I wanted. I wanted to do it so badly and I was willing to pay the price.

I paid the price in term of:

  1. Free time
  2. Nearly zero social life
  3. and a lot of stress

but today I can say it was well worth it. No doubts about it!

I wanted to show to myself I could do it.

Ah, of course, top grade. 🙂

The bottom line is:

“Nothing is impossible as long as you know precisely what you want and you are willing to pay the prize for it.”


If you think that making money online is possible but you are not where you want to be yet…it is time for YOU to take a decision.

Things will not happen by magic, you need to be willing to do it and take action.

…and you will be amazed by the results.

If you are committed to do what it takes to succeed, well, I have another great news for you:

I can help you to make it happen teaching you about EXACTLY how I made my  first $10k online.



Your friend in success,


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