Double Your Response Rate


Your email response rate is important. Really important. In fact, as an email marketer you may find that of all the metrics you track—and you should be tracking as many as possible—your response rate is the one that really determines the success of your campaigns.

So how do you not only improve, but double your response rate?

To help you improve your response rates, we’ve put together a list of twelve questions to ask yourself before you create your next campaign. We’ll cover everything from audience, to delivery, and following up.

Feeling ready? Let’s begin at the beginning by asking ourselves…

Who Am I Targeting?

Successful marketing campaigns start by having a clear idea of their audience. It’s absolutely crucial that you spend some time thinking about who is receiving your emails. Stop for a minute and see if you can picture your ideal customer (you can close your eyes if it helps):

Who are they?
How old are they?
Are they male or female?
What do they do for a living?
Where do they live?
What languages do they speak?
What are their long term goals?
What drives them crazy?
What makes them smile?
The more specific you can get with these descriptions (also known as buyer personas) the better. This will make it easier to provide your readers with relevant offers— meaning they’ll be more likely to respond!

It also means you’ll be able to segment your offer. What does that mean? Well, what a good question, let’s find out…

How should I segment my list?

Often you’ll find that your audience is not made of a single personality type. For example, let’s say you own an eCommerce store that sells fabulous fashion at fabulous prices and you want to tell your readers about an upcoming promotion (a fabulous one). If you have an international audience, you’ll find that campaigns for fabulous winter clothing is not going to go over very well when Australia is in the middle of summer. You’ll also find that fabulous bikini pricing is not particularly interesting to your American readers.

The solution? Segmentation (learn more). You can offer the same discount to each audience, but use different imagery and language when you address each group. Studies show that the more you segment, the more likely your readers are to respond to your offer. However, before you segment, you should probably ask yourself…

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