From Dusk Till Dawn…

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From Dusk Till Dawn

I still remember when that movie was released. It was 1996 and “From Dusk Till Dawn” by Rodriguez became an immediate success.

Great unique story + galactic actors = the best of the best for any Tarantino’s fan.

I cannot recall how many times my brother and I watched that movie together enjoying every scene and every moment. Basically the movie is about the story of an average family bumping into the craziest biker’s club on earth where they saw their life changing from dusk till dawn.

Every time I watch this movie I immediately think of a guy, a guy that I know very well, who literally saw his life changing in a matter of hours too. More precisely…

From Dusk Till Dawn

Just few months back this guy decided to take a very important decision. He was committed to change his life and he wanted that to happen fast.

He wanted to generate an income stream online and he wanted to see results the very next morning…as quick as things happened in that movie – but with no Salma Hayek (sorry for that!)…

But he didn’t mean to make a few dollars here and there. He was dead serious.

Here is what he did:

=> He built his first landing page that night

=> He created his first free gift completely from scratch

=> He created his very first email sequence (2 emails only…but it was already 3:45 in the morning)

=> He promoted his work to a handful of targeted traffic

He created all the above that night, and went to sleep utterly exhausted but with the smile on his face since he knew this time he did it all right.

The next morning he got $181.91 into his PayPal.

Then another sale and another one…

He made $3,108.91 total that day…

He never made a dime online before. The light was ON

After 1 week he had 2 landing pages up and running and 1 month auto responder built.

After 4 weeks he had 5 landing pages and funnels working full force.

After 7 months (today) he has 14 landing pages, one website and he is using a business model that is only known by 7 figures earners…

He banked $23,562.68 so far.

Starting from total zero.

Now let’s imagine you are seeking for online success but just struggling and dragging yourself from a scam to another.

I know that online success is possible.

I know that making money online is possible.

I know it because I know that guy very well…

In fact… he was me!

You can do the same…

And it can happen from dusk till dawn!

Your friend in success,


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