How BADLY Are You Committed To Succeed?

100%Are you committed to succeed in your online business?

By definition, the word committed means to pledge (oneself) to a position on an issue or question. For me that means taking a stand and standing behind that decision no matter what.

So again I ask…are you committed to succeed? Are you willing to do what it takes—no matter what?

Or are you just silently planning to FAIL?

Either if you are a NEWBIE or a veteran of the internet business and you believe you are committed to the success of your business, ask yourself these three questions (you may want to be honest, because you may find that you are not be as committed as you think):

  1. Are you willing to cut the strings?
  2. Are you willing to put in the time?
  3. Are you willing to invest in your business?

Are you willing to cut the strings? While it would be remiss of me to tell you to jump and success will come, it is just as important for me to say that you cannot work towards success while planning for failure. On a spiritual level, planning for great success while having negative, contradicting conversations in your head, sends conflicting messages to the universe. And, on a physical plain, holding on to past unwanted jobs just in case, provides a comfortable safety net and the mindset of if I fail, I can always always go back to…which actually increases your chance of failure!

It’s like losing weight but hanging onto all the fat clothes in your closet! Let them go!

Are you willing to put in the time? Let’s face it, wanting to build a business is not only hard work but it typically requires long hard hours. In fact, as an entrepreneur, you will probably work harder and longer than any nine to five job—ever! Are you committed to do this? Are you committed to working and putting your nose to the grind stone when everyone else you know has clocked out for the day? Are you committed to working, sometimes for years, to build your baby into a booming success?

Please hear me and believe me when I say…90% of all overnight successes have been ten years in the making…ten years of long, consistent, determined, committed hours focused on creating a beautiful success.

Are you willing to invest in your business? Believe me, I understand what it’s like to have a shoestring budget and to build a business on what sometimes seems like a wing and a prayer. However, though I do not believe in being frivolous or extravagant, I am a firm believer in investing in your business and in yourself.

Instead I DO NOT believe:

  • you can do your best work or build a business if you don’t have a dedicated space—I have tried…the kitchen table, the craft room, sharing desks with the kids…it doesn’t work.
  • you can do your best work if you do not invest in basic tools…an adequate computer and smartphone and all the necessary aps or programs that can make your business look more professional.
  • you can grow your business if you are not willing to continually learn and grow yourself, which means investing in books, webinars, seminars, conferences, etc.

All the above are equally important, but if I have to mention one and one only necessary step for your online success is the following:

=> I absolutely do not believe you can do your best work if you are not willing to invest in guidance of some kind…whether it is a business coach or a mastermind group.

Learning from the expertise of others is probably the most important investment you can make. It can turn your business from a stagnant failure into a rocking success!

I am always amazed at the people I coach in my VIP Mastermind Crew, and how after even a few sessions, they are on track, focused, committed and move forward to change their lives.

Invest In Coaching!

Now ask yourself…are you really committed? Can you cut the strings; are you willing to put in the time; are you willing to invest?

If you answered unequivocally yes, then know that you are one of the few, truly committed entrepreneurs. You have what it takes.

Also know and believe that with this kind of commitment, you will celebrate your success before too long.

Are you tired to see your online business being just one of the many? Do you feel a load that burns in your stomach everytime you think where you are compared to where you would be with your online business? Are you frustrated to keep wasting your time and money?

If you are curious to know what kind of results you could achieve with your online business by just having the right help…hit the button below!
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Your friend in success,

Guido Dantonia

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