How to Create Cash Online In 6 Simple Steps

6 StepsThe ultimate goal to start building your online business is to create a list of subscribers that eventually you can keep and use to promote and recommend products.

You have to select a niche of interest that will be the backbone of the system and everything you do will be around that topic.

But before going into details let’s have a look at the main steps that this system is made of.


receiving Free giftSTEP #1 – The One Page Website

Your entire business will start creating a 1 page website.
You can create it around any topic or niche you want. This is the only step you will require some trainiig. I will tell you how you can select a niche and create your very first one page website.


Free GiftSTEP #2 – The Free Gift

You need to create a free downloadable gift. It can be an e-book, an audio file, a video etc related to the topic of interest of your niche.



Email AddressSTEP #3 – Collect The Email Address

To receive the free gift, the prospect has to give his/her email address and the download link is emailed directly to the given email address.
The email address is going to be collected by an automated system, called autoresponder, that manage all your email list for you.



Gain TrustSTEP #4 – Gain Trust Sending Quality Emails

After having signed up the prospect begins to receive your newsletters. These are highly targeted emails where you will deliver high level information adding value to the niche topic your prospect are interested in. The prospect enjoys receiving your information emails and you build trust.


Solve ProblemsSTEP #5 – Solve Problems & Give Value

You will also promote products that helps your prospects to solve problems and add value to them. Since you gained trust and credibility, your prospects more likely will listen to your recommendations. Whenever the prospect buys the product you promoted, you will get a commission.



Make MoneySTEP #6 – Monetize The List

You can continue to send emails to the prospects where you will balance information/content emails with promotional email.

The trust that you gained with your list allows you to have multiple clients purchasing the products you recommended.

The key of the process is to collect as many email addresses as possible.

The bigger your list is the higher number of sales you will do.
The system is quite simple to understand and at this point it is easy to realize how important is to keep your list happy and motivated to receive emails from you.

If that happens, well, your online success is 100% secured.

If you want to know how you can implement these simple 6 steps and start earning money online, you have one really easy thing to do…

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Your friend in success,


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