It’s a Matter of Points of View

...Points of View

…Points of View

I am an international guy since ten years now. Right after I graduated I found my dream job in the Oil & Gas industry which is why I studied to become a petroleum engineer.

Since I was a kid I have always dreamed of working for one of those oil companies in one of those off shore rigs. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just me, but the idea of having a job like that, seemed to me not only very cool but challenging at the same time.

I love challenges and I know myself very well to the extent I can surely say the” 9 to 5 stuck in the office job” just doesn’t fit me very well…

One day I was having a nice conversation with my brother about his job. Basically he was about to leave his current company to a new one but not totally convinced yet.

The picture looked great to me since he was going to have a better job, more responsibilities and visibility, a clear picture for his career growth and a sweet bump in salary.

…Cool I thought!

He was very concerned instead. He told me he was not sure to accept the offer since the new company would have been too far from where he lives. Now he drives 2 km to go to work (yeah, it’s not a typo, 2 clicks is what he drives to reach the office), and to reach the new office he would have driven 11 km.

The need to wake up 20 minutes earlier, more traffic, no possibility to go home for the lunch break and so forth…this is the way he was looking at the deal.

I was quite puzzled because I know my brother very well, he is a very proactive guy and I was shocked he was stuck to move to the new opportunity for just few km extra to drive…

Marco, I said, this is the sequence of things I had to do instead to reach my work location:

  • Get a lift to the airport
  • Take a flight
  • Take another flight
  • Take a taxi
  • Reach my apartment
  • Get my truck
  • Drive 300km through the desert
  • Take a chopper or a boat
  • Arrive at destination…

…and after a day and a half of travel with over 7000 km done using almost all the transportation vehicles available on the planet I still did not start to work for a single minute…

Do you still think that driving 9 km more is going to be a big deal for you? This is the way I was looking at the deal.

He looked at me with a big smile and we ended up toasting to his new job and better lifestyle.

It’s all a matter of points of view…

The same applies to making money online. Many people want to be successful online and make money using internet but the 95% of them get stuck at the very first bump along the way.

The two main reasons for you to be successful online are persistence and having a proven system that can make you money.

I have the first one deep inside me and had the privilege to be introduced to the second one by my coach.

…You surely have the first one too and the fact you are reading this email tells me a lot about your commitment to make it happen.

You are just few steps away to change your life forever, being your own boss and living the life you always wanted.

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I’ll see you soon,


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