JING – Free Screen Capture & More

FREE ToolsJing is a very straightforward application that allows you to capture anything on your screen as a static image or a movie. You can save it or store it on TechSmith’s free 2 GB of server space. If you save your work you can send the link that is generated automatically to anyone you want with a 2GB bandwidth limit.

Jing is great for tech support or working remotely in fact you can share images and movies with people quickly and easily while chatting or emailing.

Using Jing to record a video screenshot is simple and straightforward. You can save the resulting video (up to 5 minutes long) in SWF format (a Flash format which can be read by any browser with Flash installed), or stored on Screencast. 

I have recorded a short video-tutorial so that you can better appreciate how it works.

Just check the video here <==

One caveat is that the captured image can’t be embedded somewhere as just an image. Only a link can be shared, and the free version of Jing shows that image with a couple of ads for Jing and Screencast around it. This is useful in IM conversations and social networking, but not as useful in a forum environment.

Jing comes also with a Pro version (£11 a year) that removes the ads from both the screenshots and video that are in the free version.

I think this is a great tool and there are many things you can do just with the free version. I use it a lot to record audios or videos to reply to emails (instead of writing lenghty poems which is very time consuming).

Jing is very useful software that you can install and use for FREE. You can record your answers and simply send them as a reply saving a lot of time. 

I hope you will find this information useful and enjoy this great FREE tool.


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