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One of the tricks that I use the most in my online business is to take screenshots.

I love screenshots because I can get the instant information, image, or whatever there is in the page in that moment and I can paste it in a text document for later use.

I like to get ideas from video presentations, sales video, power point presentations and the list goes on and on…so capturing a screenshot is a great useful shortcut.

I repeat this operation several times per day so I am quite used to apply the right procedure in all my different devices.

But even though sometimes I forget which exact button I do need to push to make it happen the way I need it.

But since I found this amazing tool I will never run into troubles again:

==> Take screenshots in any device

Isn’t it amazing?

Just save it in you favorite sites list or simple come back to this article to find the link.

I hope you can benefit from this little trick.


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