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I’m a very competitive person. Sure, with others, but I compete with myself too.

No matter what goal I set for myself, I have this burning need to reach it.

And whatever goals I achieved last year, you can bet I’ll be trying to double or triple them next time around.

It’s just how I’m wired.

But I think most business owners, the successful ones anyway, tend to be like this. Always up for a challenge.

So let me ask you something. Let’s say you meet a friend of yours and the two of you decided to make things interesting by placing a friendly wager.

The bet is whichever one of you is first to make $10K by the end of next month wins.

Loser has to pay lunch and dinner to the winner’s site for an entire month.

Would you take that bet?

Thought you might. It’s hard to pass up a challenge.

Okay, so next question: What would you do to get there?

What steps would you take to make sure you weren’t stuck paying to someone else meals for an entire month?

Well, if I were still relatively new to this business, I’d get with some people right away who I knew could tell me exactly what I needed to do to reach that goal first.

Because there’s no way I’d let myself lose that bet.

Now, imagine it’s real. By this time next month, you need to make $10K with your online business, for whatever reason.

Here is what I have done to make $11,864 in a single month online <==

It’s my new book where you’ll get tons of tips and tricks for building your business quickly. Things you won’t learn anywhere else.

You can learn the difference between having a thriving business that gives you the lifestyle you want, or struggling to make ends meet.

Read it: It’s the best thing you can do today to position your business for stronger sales going into 2017 and beyond.

So here’s another question: Do you think if you applied what you’ll learn reading my book you’d be in a better position to make $10K by the end of next month than you are right now?

Absolutely. The knowledge and experience is there for you to tap into. The rest is up to you.

You can read it HERE if you’d like.

Bye for now.

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