This Is Borderline From Being Cool and Sexy

Like a Money Tree

Like a Money Tree

I have a lot of friends who are entrepreneurs and some of them are really successful in what they do.

A good chunk of them are millionaires and have great inspiring stories to tell me every time we meet.

Very recently I flew to Dubai to meet a great friend of mine, we were like twins at high school, sharing successes in sport and hot girls… 🙂

He is now running a very profitable business in promoting Italian food products around the world and he is having a great success.

Like every entrepreneur tough he has had his ups and downs and every time I get shocked by how much efforts and dedication he had to put into his deals to make it happen.

He got busted several times by partners, went into bankruptcy couple of times but he never quit along the way.

He had very clear goals in mind and he wanted to be successful so badly.

Today, just after 20 months from when he started again from zero, he has a perfect financial record and sold just this year over $15M worth of goods…

We were having a nice bath into warm waters of the gulf right in front of the Palma beach and were talking about our great time at high school, our successes and failures and about life in general.

Back to our place in the shadow we were just drying up when we heard a noise…

It was just my smart phone…


FRIEND: Your wife is chasing you right?

ME: ah ah, no Mario, this is just my commissions coming in into my PayPal

FRIEND: Commissions? What kind of commissions?

ME: Oh, that’s my online business. I get paid everytime somebody purchases anything that I promote…

FRIEND: Nice. That’s sound interesting…

ME: Yeah, it is. So far while we were having our bath I nearly got $200. Not bad for taking the sun in Dubai isn’t it?

FRIEND: I would say this is very cool instead!

— the sound repeated again —

ME: There you go! Another one Mario just LIVE…$13,50 knocking at the door


My friend did not say a word this time but he started to look at me differently…

We moved then to the BAR to have some nice tasting sandwiches and several iced beers…

And the sound kept coming in for at least other 15 times.

At a certain point my friend literally stole my phone and checked himself these little crazy commissions coming in NO STOP.


FRIEND: Guido you have to explain me what this online business of yours is about…I think I am interested…

ME: (and I nearly mentioned nothing about it before), I just said: The greatest part of my business is that it generates money in autopilot. It is cool to get paid while chilling out at the seaside isn’t it?

FRIEND: No, this is not cool. This is borderline from being cool and SEXY!


We kept celebrating our day, our friendship and his new opportunity with my online business. Here a REAL picture of that day…

Mario & Me

I ended up the day at $375,50. Not bad at all.

If you want to create an online business that can generate for you and your family an extra income you are in the right place.

If you tried many things online and never gotten where you wanted to be, this is your chance then…

I will guide you step by step to build your online business that can make you money while you sleep, while you do what you want, while you enjoy life with your friends and family.

==> Yes, help me to succeed in my online business

I’ll see you soon,


2 thoughts on “This Is Borderline From Being Cool and Sexy”

  1. So nice seeing you together …again!!!
    That’s borderline from being glad and…touched!
    “The one who used to take you to clubs because you didn’t have the driving licence yet!”

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