To Blog or Not to Blog?

The big question is: why blog?

The biggest pro is also the simplest one – you will be creating solid content that will stick around forever. If you create a blog post over the next two or three hours, let’s sasy, it could live on your website or a third party platform for the next 10 or 20 years., easily.

It’s a very leveraged way of doing work – always a plus.

Blogs are also a great follow-up tools, something many entrepreneurs don’t give much thought to. For example, let’s picture a typical traffic-driving campaign. You have a lead capture page, and to drive traffic there, you’ve set up Facebok PPC ads. Leads come to the page, you get theri info and you prep a follow-up – a follow-up that links to a relevant piece of content on your blog. Instantly, this new lead sees you are a thought leader in the space which, no doubt, will elevate you in their minds.

And if they click through?

You may have hooked your next great customer – and reader.

Another perk?

Once you’ve enstablished your blog page, you can host a ton of high-value content – videos, text, banner ads for your sales office, testimonials and more.

The key, though, is NOT to rely on your blog as a traffic driver but, instead, to see it as a relationship-building tool once leads are in the mix.

I agree with many internet marketers being convinced that blogging is a great way to build and grow your business, it will stay there forever and will build trust for you.

Talk to you soon.

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