Why One on One Coaching


One of the things that sets my business apart from other online business systems out there is the coaching.

It’s a vital part of what I do because I know from my own experience that when you’re just getting started, you don’t know what you don’t know. You have all this information at your fingertips, but you don’t know what’s important or what to focus on first.

In a minute I’ll break down why I structured my mentoring program the way I did, but first I want to explain why having a good coach can make all the difference to your business.

Value Added

You may have noticed that there are lots of different types of business coaches. Some focus on helping entrepreneurs achieve a desired result while others devote themselves to helping business owners and managers improve business operations.

The ones who focus on the entrepreneur tend to view leaders as having enormous potential to affect a business’s performance. So, their job is to make sure the entrepreneur stays on track.

The others, who focus on business operations, look for problems and opportunities to improve the performance of a business. Mostly, they look for ways to improve operational practices, efficacy, and profitability.

One key difference between these two coaching models, at least when applied in the general business world, is how they interpret the role of the coach. Some feel the coach needs to stay impartial and not lead the client. In other words, the client should determine the direction and focus.

Others assume the client needs help and wants more guidance to achieve their stated objectives. These coaches include their own experience and expertise in their coaching roles, and that can make a tremendous difference to an entrepreneur’s success.

Figuring out how much value a business coach delivers depends on your perspective, based on what you were hoping to accomplish going into the relationship. But the main goal of any coach is to be a keen observer who’s capable of providing constructive feedback.

This feedback is critical because, quite often, it’s hard for an entrepreneur to get meaningful feedback from anyone else. And it’s this feedback that leads to performance improvement, regardless of the focus area. So, a business coach can be a great investment, provided you choose wisely.

Coaching with Guido

In my “Coaching to Freedom” program I place a heavy emphasis on quality coaching because it greatly improves the entrepreneur’s chances of succeeding. The ultimate goal of my program is to help anyone that approached MOBE to speed up is learning process, to make sure he/she will focus on the essential things that need to be done (leaving the fluff) and to get sales as soon as possible.

When you actually have a real, live human on the other end of the line, someone who’s built a successful MOBE business and has been-there-done-that, they’re able to guide you step by step through the process. They can tell you, for instance, what you should be focusing on. They can answer all of your questions.

As I was building my experience and the results started coming together, I found that coaching offered a much better way for our clients to get results because they learned and retained more when they could actually talk to someone live and get direction first-hand.

Three Levels

Once I decided coaching would be a major component to support my MOBE business, it wasn’t long before I realised I should have three levels of coaching for all my students.

That’s why, when you join my network in MOBE you will have three different kind of coaching specifically tailored upon the level you are in MOBE.

See here further details:

  • MLR Level: You will get 4 weeks of one on one coaching with me when you join the MLR level. You will have 4 calls 30 minutes each of coaching with me plus Skype chat access 24/7
  • Titanium Level: You will get 6 weeks of one on one coaching with me when you join the Titanium level. You will have 6 calls 30 minutes each of coaching with me plus Skype chat access 24/7
  • Platinum Level: You will get 8 weeks of one on one coaching with me when you join the Platinum level. You will have 8 calls 30 minutes each of coaching with me plus Skype chat access 24/7

Needless to say my coaching will be FREE of charge!

Are you asking why I do it for free? Extremely simple question to answer… your success is mine, so I have all the interest of helping you out and see your results, so relax, you are in good hands!

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Internet marketing is an industry that’s constantly changing. When you’re first getting started, you have a ton of information coming at you from all directions. Information about tech stuff, marketing, copywriting, and analytics. That’s why most people who venture into internet marketing end up throwing in the towel before even giving themselves a legitimate chance for success.

But with the right coaching in place, you gain perspective. You learn what to do and when. You get a structured approach to learning and implementing. You find out from someone who’s been there and can tell you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it—and what you don’t have to bother learning.

Coaching has played a major role in the success of MOBE’s affiliates and partners over the years, and that’s something that will never change as the company continues to scale.

Your friend in success,


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